James McInnes + Mary McDonald

Children  ‎(No children)‎

Parents Grandparents
James McInnes ‎(I0077)‎
Birth 1811 42 Moidart, Scotland
Death 27 August 1902 ‎(Age 91)‎ Middle Arm, NSW
John McInnes ‎(I2354)‎
Birth about 1769 Scotland

Mary McDonald ‎(I0078)‎
Birth 1814 43 33 Moidart, Scotland
Death 11 April 1896 ‎(Age 82)‎ Middle Arm, NSW
John "MacDonald" MacIsaac ‎(I2959)‎
Birth 1771 Inverness Shire
Sarah MacDonald ‎(I2960)‎
Birth 1781

Family Group Information   (F026)
Religious Marriage MarriageReligious Marriage
5 September 1839 Mingarry?

Eilean Shona

Show Details Note: "James McInnes ,Island Shona and Mary McIsaac, Shonaveg were after due proclamations married by me on 5th September 1839 --Witnesses were Donald McDonald ,Dorlin and Angus McDonald, Cliffe.
Ranald Rankin"
Personal Communication, Graham MacDonald Gympie - his transcription of his copy of the marriage register, Our Lady of the Angels, Mingarry

Modern Gaelic Spelling Eilean Sean Àth agus Eilean Sean Àth Bheag

Place is uncertain - there were three chapels in what become the Mingarry parish, Langal, Dorlin and Portundun, but tighean-phobuill - people's houses were also used ­http­://­www­.­moidart­.­org­.­uk­/­datasets­/­cathchapsaroberts­.­htm­ .

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